• With new technologies
    Metriq.cloud solves old issues

    We measure everything that really matters in your business

  • Metriq solutions

    Extracting valuable data from an image (... and more)

  • Idea & Technology

    Where we are going

    The idea

    We come from online technologies that allow us to measure everything that is important, we want to provide such capabilities to offline businesses so that managers can make quick and smart choices.


    Our solutions are mainly based on image and video analysis algorithms, using machine learning methods we build qualitative data collection and business intelligence systems. Additionally, we also use IoT sensors as data sources.

    Friends & Partners

    The implementation and dynamic development of our project are possible thanks to many partners and institutions, in particular, investment funds: Czysta3.VC and WS Investment, as well as the National Centre for Research and Development and Netizens, from which we came.

  • How It Works

    The simple and clear sequence of typical steps


    Defining the goal

    Common definition of the implementation goal and optimal methods to achieve it



    Performing a complete implementation in a selected location along with ongoing maintenance and support


    Analysis and verification

    Accurate evaluation of collected data and experiences, development of report and recommendations


    Roll out

    Scaling the implementation to other sites in the chain, launching benchmarking functionality

  • Important data
    is everywhere

    In very challenging times for traditional retail, we provide solutions that help you achieve a real advantage by better understanding how your processes work in practice.

  • Geeks & Freaks

    Our team is a long-standing group of high-level specialists, engineers and sales professionals with projects all over the world.

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  • The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the National Centre for Research and Development under the Intelligent Development Programme.

    Metriq Cloud Sp. z o. o. is implementing the project "A system for unattended analysis of the availability of goods in retail spaces (based on a network of sensors) using recursive algorithms / networks." carried out under the entrustment of a grant in accordance with the Project: "Czysta3.VC"
    Project Goal: Development and implementation of a comprehensive IT solution automating the analysis of the availability of goods in commercial spaces in real-time (based on lidar solutions, cameras, ToF 3D sensors, and strain gauges). The above analysis will be possible through the use of proprietary recurrent network solutions, which will be created for the purpose of achieving the above objectives. 

    Grant project co-financing: 800,000 PLN